Why Families Love Living in Burlington

Why Families Love Living in Burlington

When it comes to top-notch Canadian neighbourhoods, it is often said that Burlington is the best Ontario has to offer. Different cities and towns better suit certain people and ways of life, but Burlington is a great home for everyone, families especially. When deciding what makes a city well-suited for families, there are many points to consider, many of which factor in the most common needs of most families. The ability to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of family life is just one high point of this waterside city. Burlington has adequately gained the adoration of residents and visitors with high-quality family life in mind.


The ability to live in a city that is comfortable, family-oriented, and full of things to do is made even more attractive by the modern design of the downtown area of Burlington. The family-oriented environment and comfortable small-town feel do not come at the expense of the city being modern as well. As families have consistently grown in the area, the city has grown equally, making sure to continue providing families with the modern luxuries and convenience of a big city. Living in a suburban setting does not have to be synonymous with a quaint outdated lifestyle. From the styles of buildings to the choice of options for shopping, dining, and activities, Burlington keeps up with the times. Modern chains are intermixed with local specialty stores and supermarkets, so there are various options to fit every interest or desired area of exploration.


Since the city is complete with all of the modern luxuries, shopping is a great time in Burlington. You will find two main malls in the city, either of which is usually bustling on any day of the week. There is no need to worry about having to travel outside of your local area to indulge in shopping experiences offered by popular large brands. Stores like Apple, Winners, Indigo, and Sephora are located in the local shopping centers. You will also find options for department store shopping, health stores, bookstores, and clothing boutiques in the malls and around the city. Tasks like back-to-school shopping, toy shopping, and even getting new outdoor gear are kept simple by Burlington's large selection of retail options.

Outdoor fun

While there are many things to keep you occupied indoors in Burlington, there's just something special about spending time outside in the city. Outdoor lovers in Burlington capitalize on their proximity to the finest natural surroundings in Ontario. From the water activities that can be enjoyed around the local shoreline to relaxing at a local park, Burlington is perfect for outdoor adventure families that love to explore. In the warmer months, outdoor sports and beach visits are likely a part of everyone's free time. Colder temperatures are perfect for outdoor ice-skating, hiking, and camping by the warmth of a crackling bonfire. Outdoor culture in Burlington runs strong, and you will likely see your neighbours and friends enjoying the outdoors in some way year-round. Consistently basking in the fresh air and sunshine does wonders for keeping Burlington locals content with their choice of city.


The weather in Burlington is perfect for allowing your family to experience all four seasons. Strong fresh breezes blow through the city year-round, keeping the air quality superb. Summers tend to give you the best experience of a truly Canadian summer, with most days bringing sun and hot temperatures. Winters in spring are mild, neither one bringing too much rain or snow, but just enough to enjoy the season authentically. Autumn in Burlington is also a beautiful experience, mainly thanks to the sweater-worthy temperatures and beautiful changing leaves.


An important factor when deciding whether a city is great for families is the quality of the schools in the area. Burlington checks this box as well, thanks to the amazing schools throughout the city and the education and opportunities they provide children with. Schools and childhood academic programs go above and beyond, offering programs that encourage children to get outside and spend time with their peers, as well as in settings that encourage independence and self-discovery. Summer camps, day camps, and even daily outdoor play sessions have worked wonders for keeping the children of Burlington healthy, curious, and in tune with their natural surroundings.


Burlington is an esteemed place to live in Ontario. City officials and representatives are aware of the allure their city presents, especially to conglomerate companies and individuals looking to industrialize and develop. While these developments could be in the financial best interest of certain individuals, they would change not only the environment of Burlington physically but the feel of the city as well. About 50% of the city is considered to be rural in comparison to the typical city structure. For the foreseeable future, this will likely stay this way in an effort to protect Burlington's natural surroundings and the families that call the city home. This level of integrity and showing care for local residents has been very important for many people because it assures them that they are more than just numbers to city officials. In a world where monetary gain and development are generally at the forefront of everyone's mind, Burlington is exemplifying what it means to put people first. 


Considering the amazing aspects of Burlington in every other manner, it is fitting that their homes be equally impressive. Burlington real estate is well known for its luxurious contributions to the real estate scene. Luxury Burlington homes for sale are a factor that draws many families to the area, and the other great qualities of the city are often what encourages them to stay. The ability to choose from modern single-family homes, antique estates, mansions, and everything in between is an ideal circumstance for a luxury real estate buyer. If you are interested in also calling Burlington home, contact the experienced Oakville real estate agents of Invidiata today.


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