2024 Interior Design Trends

2024 Interior Design Trends

Canadian interior design is a vibrant tapestry of creativity, blending diverse influences from the country's rich cultural landscape. Renowned designers like Tiffany Pratt have played a pivotal role in shaping the contemporary Canadian design scene with their distinctive styles and innovative approaches. Meanwhile, highly regarded design firms from Toronto to Vancouver continue to impress with creative ideas in overlapping niches.

In this exploration of Canadian interior design, we delve into the unique characteristics that define the nation's design identity, drawing inspiration from the creativity of designers like Tiffany Pratt and the transformative experiences presented in the show Farmhouse Facelift. From the rustic charm of farmhouse aesthetics to the bold and colourful expressions of modern design, Canadian interior design reflects a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation, making it a captivating and evolving landscape within the global design sphere.

Tiffany Pratt: Canada’s most visible interior designer

Tiffany Pratt's approach to interior design is characterized by her signature blend of bold colours, eclectic patterns, and global influences. She is known for creating visually stimulating and effortlessly inviting spaces infused with personal style and playful whimsy.

Bold use of colour

Pratt's design philosophy revolves around "creating your life as your design," emphasizing the importance of personal expression and storytelling through one's home décor. A key element of Pratt's design aesthetic is her fearless use of colour. She embraces a vibrant palette, juxtaposing bold hues with unexpected colour combinations to create a sense of energy and excitement.

Form and function

Pratt's approach to interior design is not just about aesthetics; it's also about creating a functional and comfortable living environment. She carefully considers the layout and flow of a space, ensuring that it is conducive to both daily activities and entertaining guests. She also prioritizes comfort and livability, selecting furniture and furnishings that are both stylish and inviting.

Postmodern aesthetic

Pratt's eclectic style draws inspiration from various sources, including global cultures, art, fashion, and nature. She seamlessly blends elements from different eras and styles, creating a harmonious fusion of old and new. Her designs often incorporate vintage furniture and accessories, adding a touch of history and character to the space.

8 interior design elements from HGTV’s Farmhouse Facelift

Farmhouse Facelift on HGTV combines classic farmhouse elements with modern touches, creating a warm, inviting, and timeless style. The show’s rustic ethos creates an intriguing contrast with Tiffany Pratt and her bold colours. Here are some of the key interior design trends featured on the show.

Shiplap walls

Shiplap walls are a signature element of farmhouse design, adding a rustic charm and a touch of coastal flair. The horizontal planks of wood add visual interest and create a sense of texture.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick accents add a touch of industrial character and historical charm to farmhouse interiors. The exposed brick walls provide a warm and inviting backdrop for farmhouse décor.

Farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse sinks are deep and spacious, perfect for everyday tasks like washing dishes or prepping meals. They come in various materials, including cast iron, porcelain, and copper, each with its unique aesthetic.

Sliding barn doors

Sliding barn doors are a practical and stylish way to separate spaces in a farmhouse-style home. They add a rustic touch and can help to maximize space utilization.

Vintage and distressed furniture

Vintage and distressed furniture pieces add a touch of character and authenticity to farmhouse interiors. They bring a sense of history and personal style to the space.

Neutral colour palettes

Farmhouse interiors typically feature a neutral colour palette with shades of white, beige, grey, and brown. This neutral base allows pops of colour to be introduced through accent pieces and décor.

Natural materials

Natural materials like wood, stone, and metal are prevalent in farmhouse design. They bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to a space.

Textile layering

Layering different textiles, such as rugs, curtains, pillows, and throws, is a key element of farmhouse décor. This layering adds visual interest and creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

7 more noteworthy Canadian interior designers

Canada is home to a diverse array of talented interior designers who have gained national and international recognition for their innovative and inspiring work. Here are some of the most famous Canadian interior designers.

Elizabeth Metcalfe

Based in Toronto, Elizabeth Metcalfe is a renowned interior designer known for her elegant and sophisticated style. Her work is characterized by its timeless appeal, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials.

Corey Damen Jenkins

Corey Damen Jenkins is a Vancouver-based interior designer known for his bold and eclectic style. His work is characterized by its vibrant colours, unexpected patterns, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces.

Lori Morris

Lori Morris is a Toronto-based interior designer known for her warm and inviting style. Her work uses natural materials and focuses on creating functional and livable spaces.

Williams Craig Design

Williams Craig Design is a Toronto-based interior design firm known for its modern and sophisticated style. Their work is characterized by its clean lines, sleek finishes, and a sense of drama and elegance.

Alexander Interiors & Design

Alexander Interiors & Design is a Vancouver-based interior design firm known for its luxurious and opulent style. Their work is characterized by its use of high-end materials, custom furnishings, and sophisticated grandeur.

Mason Studio

Mason Studio is a Toronto-based interior design firm known for its minimalist and contemporary style. Their work is characterized by its clean lines, neutral colours, and a focus on creating a sense of calm and serenity.

Sophie Burke Design

Sophie Burke Design is a Toronto-based interior design firm known for its playful and eclectic style. Their work is characterized by its vibrant colours, unexpected patterns, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces.

These are just a few talented Canadian interior designers making their mark on the world stage. With their diverse perspectives, innovative designs, and unwavering commitment to creating beautiful and functional spaces, these designers are helping to shape the future of interior design.

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