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Caleb Invidiata

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Born and raised in Oakville and integral to The Invidiata Team is Caleb Invidiata, an avid outdoorsman with a passion for rural and country properties. At the age of 18, Caleb moved to Alberta/British Columbia to follow his passion and enthusiasm for wildlife and photography.
He attended College of the Rockies for Business and Mountain Adventure Skills Training and has been certified in Mountain Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Avalanche Rescue, and Outdoor First Aid. Alongside these ventures, Caleb has also traveled to many different and very remote places of the world. He has also earned his accreditation for CPS for the Canon Professional Services and has an extensive marketing background.

These diverse skills have allowed Caleb to start and grow The Invidiata Collection to what it is today. Working alongside his father, Christopher Invidiata, Caleb’s creative background has been central to growing the marketing aspect of the Invidiata Team.
His contribution to the team is also extensive. Caleb began as a sign installer, transitioned to a photographer, and then a market designer. Today, Caleb works as a Real Estate Agent for The Invidiata Team and lives in Aldershot with his wife and newborn baby. If there is anyone that would learn your property like the back of their hand, it would be Caleb as he will be as passionate about your property as he is in all ventures of his life.
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Through every action, Invidiata is committed to connecting clients with the world's most sought-after locations and the leading real estate professionals while also giving back to the community.

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