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What to look for when buying a house in Oakville, Ontario

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What to look for when buying a house in Oakville, Ontario

The process of finding and securing a new property, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, is an exciting, but often challenging endeavour. It’s a journey that requires extensive research, planning, and informed decision-making. It is a serious decision that will greatly impact your future and should be well prepared for. Homeowners often make the mistake of rushing into the process or waiting too long to make an offer, which is risky both financially and with respect to the type of home they want to ultimately own.

The journey towards homeownership can be made easier and more efficient with the help of a great team of real estate agents and by keeping some key considerations in mind. Here are some tips on what to look for when searching for that dream home, starter home, or investment property in Oakville, ON.

Know Your Budget

Don’t being the process of looking for a property for sale in Oakville, ON before you know how much you can afford, and then narrow your search accordingly. Don’t be seduced by the sparkle of a bigger, fancier home. Be realistic about the expenses and make an informed decision. Before going out to look at houses, make sure you are pre-approved for a mortgage. Make sure to also take into account the closing costs, moving costs, annual property taxes, and insurance costs associated with the property.

Type Of Housing

There are many types of housing to consider in Oakville ON, such as condominiums, detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses, and duplexes/triplexes. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, consider a condo or a townhouse. In most cases, these types of homes for sale are under a builder or real estate company that handles your maintenance, which is ideal for a new homeowner. The cost of semi-detached homes is generally lower than the cost of detached houses, however, you do lose some privacy in exchange.


Make sure to take a look at the neighbourhood surrounding the property you are considering. Walk around to area get a feel of the environment and get an idea of what’s around you in terms of local amenities that will suit your lifestyle. You should feel comfortable in the neighbourhood and have easy access to things that are important to you, whether it is public transportation, good schools, or restaurants. It’s an important factor to consider the school district for resale even if you don’t have any children. Make an effort to speak to the people who will be your neighbours and get their feedback about what they enjoy about the area.

The location of properties also impacts the price. Waterfront properties and properties in the centre of the town will carry a higher price tag, while more rural properties will be more affordable.

Consider Lifestyle Choices

If you’re searching for a home for sale in Oakville, ON, make sure to consider some important factors. Do you need access to public transit or a good school nearby? Do you want access to a vibrant nightlife scene? Make sure to narrow your search to a few locations, and talk to friends or colleagues who already live in the neighbourhood. You and your real estate agent should thoroughly research the area, including schools, transportation, nearby homes, nightlife, job opportunities, upcoming construction projects in the area, and anything else that could affect the value of the home in the future.

Partner With The Right Real Estate Team

Investing in a dedicated and experienced local real estate team that will have access to exclusive listings and the latest new homes for sale in Oakville, ON can help you immensely in your home buying journey. Buying a new home or upgrading to a dream home is a long drawn process that can take some time. Trust your real estate team to find the most suitable property for you and to handle the negotiations and paperwork.

The Invidiata Realty team has been ranked the #1 real estate team in Canada for 15 years. Our team of local, experienced agents can advise and guide you through the entire buying process with ease. Our team prides itself on offering white-glove service to every client and building meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Make sure to access our resources for buyers on our website, which includes a mortgage calculator and a free Home Owner’s Guide.

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