What To Ask Your Realtor Once You Have Moved In

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After people move in to a home, there’s one problem we hear about more than most. They feel that once they’re in, all the hard work of moving is done. But the first weeks and months of life in a new home can be almost as busy as planning to move.

Fortunately, if you chose the right realtor, you can rely on them to help you.

Here are just a few of the questions that they can help you answer.

1.  Do You Know Any Reliable Contractors?

You may have realized that you’ll need a handyperson, or plumber, or electrician well before you moved in. But it’s not until you’re in that you can get the work done. But who do you call? Your realtor should have a long list of reliable contractors to choose from.

2. What Home Improvements Do You Recommend?

Of course, especially for resale homes, you want to make it feel more like yours. And a renovation or addition is a great way to do that. If you can’t decide what to tackle first, your agent can help you choose a renovation that will not only put your personal mark on the home, but increase its value too.

3. What Does This Switch Do?

There may be a few things that you discover in your new home that you’re not sure about. There may be light switches that don’t seem to turn on any lights. Or maintenance tasks that you’re not sure how to do, like changing the furnace filter. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent about them.

4. How Do I get a Property Survey?

You move in. Something seems odd. The fence that runs between your property and your neighbour’s property seems closer to your house than the neighbours house. Only a property survey can tell you if the fence is in the right place. Your realtor can either help you locate a survey of your property, or help you find a professional surveyor.

5. What Should I do When It’s Time to Renew My Mortgage?

Of course, this one will need to be answered closer to when it’s time to renew. Even the best realtors can’t predict what markets will be like when you renew! So make sure you keep your realtors business cards handy. They can help you make the right decisions long after you move in too.

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