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The Founder and Team Lead of The Invidiata Team, Chris Invidiata, was recently invited to be a guest on TheSmartCity.Blog Podcast. Co-hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane spoke to Chris about his views of what the future looks like for single residential homes, including the changing needs of professionals and families and how we’ll connect with each other in a post-COVID world.

We’ve put together a synopsis of many of Christopher’s answers so you can have a better idea of what to expect in the future for your home and the real estate market in general.

What Are Clients Asking for in New Homes?

With COVID, the home has now become a sanctuary and more people are retreating to that environment. They rely more on technology to get the services they need. They’re realizing too that they don’t need to travel as they thought they had to.

What Sorts of Technology are Customers Asking for in Their Homes?

Security is number one. Especially with people arriving at the house with packages and deliveries. If I’m not at home, technology lets me see them come to the house. I can talk to them, interact with them and open doors. I can have a special locker that can be opened remotely. Homeowners can feel safe about the whole process of having people come to their homes with packages.

Security awareness is growing. People want to make sure that their home has the safety and security features and the environment to know what is going on at all times.

How Smart Do New-Construction Clients Want Their Homes to Be?

Today, architects can show you the entire home in 3D, spin it around, see the Cat 5 lines, the wiring, the plumbing. You can literally build the home on the computer with all that technology, so that – before you spend any money on physical purchasing – design concepts are all done virtually. We have the ability to see what the home is capable of doing in the design process and develop new ideas too.

What Have Clients Asked For?

The latest for most people is waterscaping. Pools used to be for kids, now water features are for adults, built into the architecture. From a landscaping point of view, waterscaping is one of the signature nuances, especially with what they can do with troughs, waterfalls, built-in hot tubs and swim-up bars.

Homes have become oases. I use the term ‘resort settings’ – when you step into your backyard and it feels like a resort, you don’t want to go anywhere else.

Are Homeowners Also Using Technology to Connect to the Community?

Yes. Technology is the heart of the home. We’re just learning how it can adapt to almost everything in the house. Interaction of the mobile phone and home base is the reality, especially for 30 and 40 years old. It makes life easier, and more efficient. New generations will know no different. And the ability to enhance and adapt tech to the home will become greater and greater.

The Centre of Technology in the Home Used to Be the Furnace and Hot Water Heater – Now You Need Server Rooms

It’s needed for us to have the ability to work from home. We realize the stress and strain we put on ourselves to be going to work – work we can now do in our own home.

Who are Buying Homes Now?

We are getting buyers moving east to west in the GTA. Price per square foot drops as you move further west. there are fewer buyers from overseas because of the shutdown on immigration. But that will be another big wave for the market. Immigration will be opening up soon and there will be an added stress on pricing.

Are People Going Back to Work After COVID?

In the migration that happened during COVID, 50,000 people left the GTA into the suburbs. These people said, if the internet works, I can live outside the GTA, have a house three or four times the size, without the stress and strain of an urban setting. So the quality of people’s lives has actually gone up.

How Fast Does an Internet Connection Need to be for a Typical Super-Smart Home?

5G is a gamechanger for the industry. That level of frequency is the new standard.

The Garage – What’s Happening With the Garage?

The mancave. Most guys guard that space as their own. We are seeing enhanced features in the garage – flooring products, baseboards made of metal, heaters, car washes and charging stations. We see charging stations in about 10 to 15% of our transactions. It’s the beginning of the curve. Homes with charging stations are leading the direction of the market.

What About Sustainable Technology in Homes? Wind and Solar?

I would say it’s almost mandatory. If you’re building today, and you haven’t thought his through for the next person buying your home, you’ve missed the mark.

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