Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

Want to know a secret to getting more value from your partnership with even the best real estate agents?

Don’t be shy.

If you choose the right agent, they will be the most trusted friend you have in finding the right home, or getting the highest value for your current home. And, like with every trusted friend, you should be comfortable asking your agent anything about home selling or buying. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few questions you should ask your agent.

Five Top Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

How long have you been an agent in Oakville (or wherever you are buying or selling your home)?

In real estate more than most professions, experience is the greatest teacher. In addition to how long an agent has served a community, find out how many homes they’ve bought and sold, and if they are full-time agents.

Do you have references that I can check?

This is the largest purchase you’ll ever make. You need to know that your real estate agent is everything they say they are. Get at least three references. And don’t be shy in asking them questions about their experience and any issues they had.

What’s the home-buying / home-selling process?

Even if you’ve bought or sold a home before, you don’t do it every day. Especially when you’re getting to know your agent, you need to start with the basics. It will set stage for everything else you do towards successful completion of your transaction.

What issues do you have with your home?

A home inspection is a good idea whether you are buying or selling a home. But it only tells you about the physical condition of the house. A good agent will have more insights about a home that might affect your decision.

What will you do to market my home?

This one’s for home sellers. Real estate agents have more marketing tools available to them than ever before. But it’s what they do with the tools and what they do beyond the tools that’s important. Listen and ask questions about the marketing plan.

What concessions should I ask for?

At Invidiata, we welcome questions from all our clients. It tells us that you are more invested in buying or selling your home and that helps us do our job better.

This one’s for home buyers. Concessions are requests the buyer makes of the seller to make the purchase more inviting, like making a repair. In a sleers market, you may not be able to ask for many consessions. In a buyers market, you can ask foe more. Your agent should advise you about what’s possible in your particialur transacation.

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