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How to Sell Your Home Virtually

How to Sell Your Home Virtually

Selling your home virtually has many benefits. Perhaps the most obvious one is minimizing the spread of COVID! But, selling your home using the many virtual tools available also means you don’t get strangers walking through your home and you don’t have to move all your furniture out for staging.

5 Steps to Sell Your Home Virtually

The onset of the pandemic spurred the development of virtual tools for selling your home into high gear. Today, you have many options at your disposal that weren’t even considered two years ago.

Many of these virtual options can be combined with in-person steps as needed.

1. Virtual Consultations

While in-home consultations are still best, realtors can schedule online appointments to discuss the sale of your home virtually. The virtual consultation  can include a video tour of your house, and a discussion of the overall process, selling prices, marketing tactics and staging options.

2. Document Review & Signing

Of course, whether you do so virtually or not, selling your home means signing many documents. Virtual selling means you can review and negotiate all of the documents online. When it’s time to sign, you can do that virtually too.

3. Virtual Staging

Staging is a key part of presenting your home in the best way to get more offers, higher offers and sell it faster. In traditional staging, some or all of the furniture in your home is replaced by pieces selected to improve appearances. With virtual staging, the same effect is achieved using tools like 3D modelling and photoshop. Even an empty room can appear beautifully decorated..

4. Online Imaging, Marketing, Showings & Inspections

Online photographs, videos and digital marketing have been used to help sell homes for many years now. But, with virtual selling, even showings of your home can go online with prospective buyers getting a video tour of your home conducted remotely by your selling agent. You can arrange for home inspections to be done remotely too. 

5. Closing the Sale

Again, the acceptance of digital signatures means you can conclude transactions with real estate layers and mortgage specialists without leaving the comfort of your home, or having anyone visit unnecessarily.

Invidiata has helped sellers get the best price for their homes for over 35 years. We have a robust team of real estate professionals, who are all proud of the white-glove service that we deliver to every one of our clients. And that includes helping them sell their homes virtually!If you’re thinking of selling, get more pointers in our article 4 Tips for Selling Your Home.

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