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How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents Oakville

real estate agents oakville

Real estate agents can play a make-or-break role in your future happiness and satisfaction. That’s because of the huge part they play in finding or selling a home at the best possible price.

Whether you’re buying or selling, when hiring an agent, your research should include looking for an agent you trust and feel confident working with.

Read on for 4 questions to ask when looking to hire real estate agents Oakville.

1. How Well Connected Are They to the Real Estate Market in Oakville?

Real estate sales can be a tough business, particularly when the market is strong. You need to employ the services of someone who’s fully engaged and has relevant real estate experience in the Oakville area. You should find out the following from your agent:

  • The length of time they’ve worked as real estate agents in the Oakville area
  • What kinds of homes for sale are in-demand in the current real estate market
  • Comparable prices for the type of property you are looking for or selling

If you’re buying, find out the best (and least desirable) addresses in the area and any unique considerations.

2. What Kind of Marketing Plan Will They Draw Up for Your Home?

If you’re selling a home, get a detailed description of all the things your agent will do to make your property as visible as possible to potential buyers. Real estate professionals need to be proactive and have creative ideas. Ask your agent about:

  • Special events that will make your property stand out from the crowd
  • The kind of photographer they use
  • Specialist photographic techniques such as using drones for aerial shots
  • The way they will market homes for sale online

3. How Good Are Their Communication Skills?

To some extent, your instinct will tell you if your real estate agent in Oakville will be someone who’s going to work well, and proactively with you. There are extras driven by the digital age though that will help. Ask these questions:

  • Is your agent familiar with all the latest property apps such as Collab?
  • Do they use electronic signatures and fund transfers?
  • Can they use your preferred method of communication to keep in touch?
  • Who can you talk to if your usual contact is not available?

4. What Is Their Commission and What Are Their Fees?

Real estate commission rates in Ontario will typically be 5 percent. Often the seller’s and buyer’s agents divide this evenly between them. The seller might be able to negotiate an arrangement with their agent in which they’re willing to pay a bigger share as an incentive to a potential buyer.

You should always find out what flexibility there is regarding commission rates if any. Ask your real estate agent in Oakville about any additional potential fees you might have to pay as well, particularly related to the marketing of a property.

real estate agents oakville

Proven Experience Among Real Estate Agents Oakville

We’re confident we’ve got the edge over our competitors. That’s because Invidiata has over 36 years of experience serving our communities. We got our start in Oakville, and we are proud to be the top-ranked real estate team in Canada for the last 15 years.

Get in touch with us now and work with the best real estate agent in Oakville, Ontario.

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