How to Choose a New Neighbourhood


Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve made more than one move, choosing a new neighbourhood is not always easy. Even when you’ve been told a community is a ‘great place to live or that it’s ‘very desirable, not all the homes might fit that description.

With that in mind, we thought we’d put together the following pointers to help you find and choose a new neighbourhood and the right home for you.

5 Tips for Choosing a New Neighbourhood

Of course, you may already have at least a general idea of where you want to live. Maybe you want to be near your family, or closer to work, or you want to try somewhere new. The following tips will help you narrow your search.

Your Circumstances

If you’re single and looking to get into the real estate market, you might not be looking in the same places as you would be if you’re married and have children. You may also be looking to up-or down-size, get a larger yard, find good schools, get closer to amenities, and so on. They can all add up to helping you find just one or two communities in your target area that meet your criteria.

Your Budget

Yes, we would all love to live in a beautiful home on the waterfront. But, if that’s one of your criteria for a new community, then you’ll need a larger budget than for homes elsewhere. We would advise you to get preapproval for your mortgage so that you have very realistic ideas of the neighbourhoods you can choose.

What Phase is the Neighbourhood In?

Some neighbourhoods are known across entire regions, or across the country, as being a great place to live. Others are only known to those who live in or near them. Think about if your target neighbourhoods are well-known, up-and-coming, or undiscovered. It can affect the price you pay and your chances of finding the right home within the neighbourhood.

How Liveable is the Neighbourhood?

This is partly up to your priorities and what you consider to be ‘liveable’. Do you want to be near public transit, daycare or healthcare facilities? Is there a dog park nearby? Or a place of worship? Or a recreation trail? Will there always be lots of cars and people fighting for parking spots? You may think you know exactly what you want in a neighbourhood, but you may want to write down your priorities to make sure.

Who Are Your Neighbours?

Many homebuyers actually talk to their potential future neighbours through a Facebook group, or even face-to-face, to learn more about the neighbourhood. You might want to drive or walk around a neighbourhood to get a feel for it. Make a note of things like how many children you see and how well-kept the home is. You can also go online to find out about how many of the homes are owned versus rented.

One of the best things you can do the find the right neighbourhood, with everything you’re looking for, within your budget, is to find an experienced real estate agent who specializes in the areas you’re looking at.

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