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How Does Staging Your Home Help It Sell?

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If you’ve ever wondered about the value of staging your home when you’re selling it, think about the last time you got all dressed up. You looked great, felt great, had a fun time, and generally enjoyed yourself a little more. It’s the same with your home. When a professional stager chooses the right ‘outfit’ for your home, it instantly becomes more appealing; more enjoyable.

And if you’re looking for more reasons why staging your home makes a difference, here they are.

Puts Buyer in the Right Frame of Mind

One of the other concerns that homeowners have about staging is that they feel their home is already quite presentable. But even if your home was professionally designed and decorated, it’s still your vision and/or your designer’s vision. What staging does, in addition to looking good, is present your home in a way that allows buyers to see past the staging and envision how they would furnish and decorate the home.

The Decluttered Look

Clutter isn’t always about mobile devices and toys all over the place. Even professionally decorated interiors can have a lot of pieces and elements in them. If there’s one thing in common with every staged home, it is that the furniture, wall hangings and accoutrements are kept to a minimum. In addition to further removing your personality from the décor, it helps the space look bigger, cleaner, and more organized. Just the sort of place a buyer wants to move into.

A Quicker Sale at a Better Price

While it’s difficult to quantify how much faster a staged home sells, or for how much more it sells, there’s no denying that you will get your investment in staging back. Talk to any real estate agent and they will tell you that they do not look forward to trying to sell a home that isn’t stage. Presenting your home in the best light possible is just that powerful.

Staging is just one way to get your home ready to sell. To learn about a few more, check out our recent article How To Increase The Value Of Your Home.



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