Why Now is a Great Time to Buy Real Estate in Oakville

Great Time to Buy Real Estate

There’s been a lot of uncertainty in everyone’s lives recently. And no part of our lives seems untouched, including our jobs, family and even buying a home. So you might be wondering why we’re telling you that right now is a good time to buy real estate in Oakville. So let’s get right to it.

Four Reasons Why Right Now Is a Great Time to Buy Real Estate in Oakville

1. The Season

The holiday season and New Year are usually relatively quiet times in real estate. Whether you are just starting your new home journey, or you’re all mortgage-approved, now’s a good time.

If you just starting out, you’re not ready to look at homes. You need to figure out your budget, get pre-approval for a mortgage, start making arrangements to sell your current home and so on.

If you’re closer to buying a home, quieter markets are an excellent time to get more of a feel for your target neighbourhoods. See some homes, and get into the groove before the spring rush brings everyone else into the fray.

2. Interest Rate

First, no one can predict with any real accuracy where interest rates will go. You may have heard news about rising prices everything from gas to groceries – and the potential for interest rates to go up. Of course, it that happens, it will affect mortgage rates too. But interest rates are still near historic lows right now.

3. The Resilience of the Oakville Real Estate Market

Traditionally one of the best performing markets in the country, Oakville real estate holds its value better than most cities in Canada. If there are any concerns about the short- or long-term outlook in real estate, it makes sense to invest in a market that has shown consistent performance in different market climates.

4. Real Estate Agents

Compared to the rush in spring and summer, your real estate agent has more time right now to help you find the right home. You can rely on them for more insights, assistance and advice exactly when you need it most.

A hyper-local focus is especially important when investing in a highly desirable market like Oakville. It means getting know not just Oakville as a whole, but the nuances of each individual neighbourhood. When you do, you improve your chances of finding the right home, in the right community at the right price.

Invidiata has served the Oakville real estate market for over 35 years. We have a robust team of real estate professionals, and our team is proud of the white-glove service that we deliver to every one of our clients.

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