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Exploring Luxury Homes for Sale Oakville , Ontario

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If you’re looking for magnificent real estate and beautiful, luxurious properties, Oakville, ON is the place for you. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in between Toronto and Niagara, Oakville is admired for its picturesque harbours, 1,400 hectares of parkland and 200km of trails, and the upscale, boutique shops and restaurants in the recently renovated downtown core. 

Trends in the Oakville, ON Real Estate Market

As of November 2021, according to Zola, the current average house price in Oakville, ON is $1,538,924, which is a 0.9% increase from the previous month’s real estate market. In October 2021, the average real estate price was $1,524,888.

There are also 578 new homes for sale listings in the last 28 days.

Furthermore, as of November 2021, Oakville housing data shows median days on market for a home are 11 days.

This month, there has also been a decrease in luxury homes for sale in Oakville, down to 293 sold from 305 in October.

Luxury Real Estate Properties Located in Oakville, ON

In Oakville, there are many different kinds of luxury real estate you can invest in. From single-family homes to detached houses, luxury condos, and even legendary chateau’s there is something for everyone. 

What Defines Luxury Real Estate in Oakville, ON

Luxury in Oakville goes beyond just home décor. True luxury in Oakville homes for sale has a few key features that make them truly luxurious. These can include, but are not limited to:

Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas

An outdoor kitchen and dining area are a great way to make an Oakville home special. Breaking down barriers between nature and mixing indoor-outdoor living is a great example of how Oakville homes stay luxurious.

Dedicated Space 

Many Oakville homes have dedicated spaces, or “wings” as you’ve likely heard them called. Some spaces are dedicated to libraries, spare rooms, home offices, wine cellars, home saunas, and home gyms. Creating dedicated spaces allows for work and play features, which are particularly popular after the pandemic.

Lot Size and Greenspace

A hallmark of a luxury real estate property is ample square footage and green space. This allows for the addition of swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and outdoor space to entertain guests. 

Many luxury properties also feature picturesque views overlooking the city lights, Lake Ontario, and the Toronto skyline.

Custom Designer Features and Finishes

Luxury real estate properties in Oakville often have custom-designed features. These can include Mirage Oak hardwood flooring, Italian porcelain tile, custom hardwood herringbone inlay, sunken study with Barzotti custom cabinetry, etc.

 What to Consider When Choosing to Invest in a Luxury Property in Oakville

When looking to purchase or invest in a luxury property in Oakville, you are likely looking to invest in long-term real estate. Some things to consider when buying are:

–   Do the math: Work with a Finacial Planner or your real estate agent to make sure you add up all the costs. These could include rental costs, tax costs, property fees, maintenance costs, etc. 

–   Early financing: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage keeps you ahead of the game, and ready to make an offer quickly if necessary, something that is especially important in today’s competitive real estate market. 

–   Initial Costs: You’ll likely need a minimum of 20% down payment.

–   Location: Choose your neighborhood wisely. Look for those that have high rates of employment, low crime rates, and have local amenities nearby. Make sure you are aware of any future construction plans around your area. 

–    The right support: Make sure to work with an agent or team who are experienced and familiar with the area and market. You also want to work with an agent who is connected in the area and will have access to exclusive listings that may not be on the MLS. 

Invidata Realty is proud to specialize in Oakville waterfront, luxury properties, a picturesque area we have coined The Gold Coast of Canada. Experience the Invdiata Advantage, reach out to our team of local, experienced agents today! 

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