Does an Inground Pool Increase Home Value?

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Whether an inground pool increases home value is one of the most common questions we get. It’s been asked over and over again for decades.

So why is the question about whether pools increase home values been around so long? A big reason is that there is no single definitive answer, except to say ‘it depends’.

Inground Pools and Home Values

If you’re thinking about installing an inground pool and are concerned about its effect on the value of your home, we’ve assembled the following facts and considerations to help you learn more.

There’s Good News & Bad News

Let’s get right to the bad news about inground pools and property values. Even if your pool increases the value of your home, it is unlikely that you’ll get back your entire investment in the pool. There are a couple reason for this. Your pool investment goes beyond buying and installing one. The costs of running and maintaining a pool, and even added home insurance premiums, can be high too.

So what’s the good news? Well, maybe not so good, but it might help you decide to get the pool. Many home improvements, even the most popular projects to renovate kitchens and bathrooms, also may not payback the cost of the improvement in increased property value. But they are more likely to, and they will generally get back a higher percentage of their cost.

Your Neighbourhood

If you live in a neighbourhood where inground pools are common, the question may not be how much a new pool will add to your property value, but how much value you lose by not having a pool. If you live in an area with not many inground pools, your home can seem overpriced compared to others in the area, but it can also stand out above the rest for having pool.

Your Home & Property

In the right setting, inground pools can be stunning additions to a home. But if your pool is shoehorned into a small yard, even a high-end pool may not look its best, and may not increase property value as much.

In the end, it’s probably best to install an inground pool for the enjoyment that you and your family will get from it, but try not to be too concerned about it’s effect on the value of your house.

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