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6 Questions to Ask Hiring Real Estate Agents Burlington

real estate agents burlington

No matter how savvy you are when it comes to buying and selling houses, it’s always wise to interview potential real estate agents. You’re entrusting them with what is likely to be one of your most precious possessions and one of the biggest transactions of your life.

It stands to reason that you’ll want to make sure they work to the high standards you’d expect. Read on for the 6 questions you need to ask when hiring a real estate agent in Burlington.

1. How long have they been in business?

Experience counts for a lot, especially in the real estate market. The longer a real estate agent has been in business, the better they will understand the complexities of the market.

Check out the credentials of potential agents in Burlington so you’re sure they have a team of professionals to handle any kind of issue. If they’ve been around the block a few times, they’ll have seen it all before and that could be very helpful to you.

2. How many sales have they made in the past 12 months?

Finding out how many real estate transactions they’ve made, along with questions about their price range, will be valuable and useful information. You will want to be sure they’ve had a consistent and successful flow of business.

It’s always best to go with an agent who has a steady workflow. Look for an enthusiastic and can-do attitude that drives the business.

3. How well does the real estate agent know Burlington?

If you live in or have set your heart on a specific location, hire an agent who knows the area. They’ll have all the local knowledge at their fingertips, from local schools to the best addresses and star attractions.

4. Are they great communicators?

Real estate agents juggle lots of clients all at once. There’ll be viewings to organize and buyers to help who are seeking real estate investments.

Your agent might not always be available at the exact moment you need them. What’s important is to understand how you can communicate when you both have busy lives. Find out:

  • If they can chat via apps or email if these are your preferred means of connecting
  • Who you can speak to about your affairs when they’re unavailable

5. Is your Burlington real estate agent familiar with your transaction type?

If you’re buying or selling a commercial property or making real estate investments, you need to know that your agent will know how to handle it.

Make sure your agent knows what they’re doing in sales that are unique or don’t fit the norm.

6. What does your instinct tell you?

It’s important to hire an agent that you think you’re going to get along with. That often starts with a belief that they really care about you and what you’re trying to do. Listen to any instincts that tell you if you trust your agent to always act on your behalf.

real estate agents burlington

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